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Whether you need drywall for a new construction or just need an affordable fix for water damage, Scope Design & Build of Ann Arbor has you covered.

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Drywall Installation

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Drywall Repair

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Acoustical Suspended Ceilings


Drywall Repair

Our expert technicians will match the texture of your wall and flawlessly blend the patch in with its surroundings. You won’t even be able to tell there was a hole in the first place!

Ceiling Repair

Dealing with a soggy ceiling or hole after a water leak? Looking to remove your outdated popcorn ceiling? We remove all kinds of textured ceilings and fix holes or dents left behind from accidents or leaks.

Texture Matching

Uneven textured walls are not a good look at all. You want to have contractors that know how to match them up properly. Our team will restore your walls and ceiling so there no marks, lines or shadow in your walls.

Drywall Installation

Are you finally ready to finish that extra room, garage, or basement? We specialize in these small drywall installation projects. Our team can complete the entire project in less time than other companies and leave you with a beautiful, revitalized space.

Acoustical Suspended Ceilings

A noisy room can overstimulate occupants, while a too quiet interior may seem dull and uninviting.  We can help you strike just the right balance with an Acoustical Suspended Ceiling.

Finished Basements

There is a reason investing in basement remodeling is so popular: a finished basement can breathe new life into a house. What once was wasted space often becomes a family focal point, and the value of a home dramatically increases if it has a finished basement that can serve as a rec room, exercise area, play area or extra living space.  Our team can handle any size basement remodel from start to beautiful finish!


Focused on quality, customer service, and experienced installers, we value a job well done.

Because drywall plays such an important role in your  property’s appearance, don’t settle for less than excellent craftsmanship. At Scope Design & Build of Ann Arbor, we aim for exactly that and our previous work stands as a testament to our commitment to quality.

Call Scope Design & Build at 734-661-9075​ for a list of past drywall projects in the greater Ann Arbor area or to arrange a free consultation.

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Drywall Repair, Replacement, and Installation

For residential and commercial clients, our drywall contractors can meet with you and discuss the project you are considering and determine what avenue to take.

In cases of repairs, we can assess the damage and determine what should be done. Sometimes repairs are enough but if the situation calls for more drastic action we will create a plan that will suit your needs.

In cases of remodeling and new construction, we wil work with you from beginning to end to make sure that our finished product matches your vision.

Let’s talk about your drywall project.

We start with a phone or email consultation to gather preliminary information that will help us in providing effective solutions. We will learn as much as possible about the specifics of the project and help you make a plan. Not sure if your drywall project is a repair or replacement? We can help!

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